Nylon Bonded Thread (1400 meters)

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ASPY's thread is the highest quality of nylon bonded thread on the market. ASPY's thread is specifically designed for weft application. The thread is strong enough to withstand the weight of any hair extensions, washing, drying and styling.  Its thin and smooth texture assists in creating tangle-free stitching and flat, seamless sew-ins.  Unlike cotton weaving thread, the nylon thread does not absorb moisture, so it is less likely that your client will experience immense itching on the scalp as a result of mold and mildew build up.  Also, the stitching will remain strong.  No need to frequently tighten the loose thread after weeks of wearing a hairstyle.


Each cone contains 1400 m of thread.

Color Options:

Blonde, Brown, Black

15 units available for same day shipping or pick up if ordered before 12PM.