The WEAVE BYE Bond Remover
The WEAVE BYE Bond Remover
The WEAVE BYE Bond Remover

The WEAVE BYE Bond Remover


Introducing ASPY's


Bond Remover.

A rapid release hair extensions adhesive remover spray that removes extensions within minutes, leaving no residue behind. 


1) Spray on the area with the adhesive reaction time as little as one minute. This is usually depended on adhesive build up.

2) Adhesive will then dissolve, allowing the professional to safely remove the extensions.

3) Gently comb out any remaining residue.

4) Follow with a proper shampoo and rinse


For external use only. Do not apply to irritated skin. Test on a small area before use. For professional use only. 

Storage Requirements: 

Store your ASPY WEAVE BYE spray in a cool, dry place. Avoid any direct exposure to sunlight. 


Hydrocarbon, Organic wetting agent, Limonene


ASPY was founded by an extension artist who like the rest of you, hated waiting for adhesive to break down. Long release times combined with left over residue was a consistent pain for professionals.

Say hello to your new BFF- The WEAVE BYE spray!

The results both you and your client crave in as little as a minute. 


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to Canada's Newest Extension Remover

Hannah J.

I was one of the first professionals who was sent a bottle of the ASPY WEAVE GOODBYE spray to test. I cannot say enough good about this product. I am a full time extension artist and this is my new favourite remover.

Sierra R.

WOW! Thank you ASPY for yet another incredible product. I only use the brand ASPY on my clients for hair extensions and now they have created the perfect adhesive remover. Game changer!!

Shayanna H.

ASPY sent me this spray to try out on my clients and get feedback before they launched. I have tried every other brand of remover on my extension clients and this is by far the best. You have a lifelong customer in me.

Mandy G.

ASPY not only has the best hair extensions that my clients are obsessed with but now they have the best bond remover spray. The packaging is also so cute. Thank you ASPY for letting me try this product. I'm in love!