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Introducing the ASPY Aftercare Bundle, your ultimate solution for maintaining healthy extensions. Crafted with precision and care, this bundle is specially designed to enhance the longevity of your extensions, ensuring they stay flawless for an extended period.

ASPY Mend + Extend Shampoo: Begin your journey to healthier extensions with the ASPY Mend + Extend Shampoo. This gentle yet powerful formula is crafted to cleanse your extensions thoroughly, removing impurities without compromising their integrity. Infused with nourishing ingredients, this shampoo promotes strength, resilience, and a natural shine, leaving your extensions looking and feeling revitalized.

ASPY Mend + Extend Conditioner: Complement your haircare routine with the ASPY Mend + Extend Conditioner. Enriched with a blend of hydrating elements, this conditioner is designed to lock in moisture and promote a silky, smooth texture for your extensions. Experience detangled, manageable, and luxuriously soft extensions with every use.

ASPY Extension Brush: The ASPY Extension Brush is an essential tool for maintaining the health and appearance of your extensions. Featuring specially designed bristles, this brush effortlessly glides through your extensions, detangling without causing stress or damage. Say goodbye to knots and hello to a seamless brushing experience that keeps your extensions looking flawless.

By investing in the ASPY Aftercare Bundle, you not only enhance the beauty of your extensions but also ensure they remain eligible for our 30-day defective product policy. To enjoy the coverage, make ASPY aftercare products an integral part of your extension care routine. Elevate your extension experience with the ASPY Aftercare Bundle – because your extensions deserve the best.

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