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Weddings, Proms, Birthday Parties, New Years Eve, Vacations and Special Events.

Are you looking for the perfect hair but don't want the financial commitment of purchasing a set of clip ins for a one time event? 

Welcome to the ASPY Clip Ins Rental Program where we offer a cost effective solution to make your hair dreams come true for every life event.

See details and request a rental date below. 

Step 1: Fill out the 'Rental Request Form' below. Allow 24-48 hours for our team to review your rental request.

Step 2: Our team will send you an email to complete your booking. At this time an invoice will be sent to you which you can pay online.

Step 3: Once your invoice is paid, our team will send you a booking confirmation and contract which has to be signed and sent back within 24 hours.

Step 4: One month prior to your pick up or shipment delivery date, we will provide a custom color match via email to ensure your color matches perfectly.

Step 5: You will pick up your extensions or receive them in the mail on the date specified on your approved request form.

Step 6: You will drop off or ship back your extensions on the date specified on your approved request form. You are not required to wash or sanitize the extensions as the hair will go through an extensive sanitization process once returned. 

Day Rate: $60/per day includes one pack of 
(This includes Natural, Highlighted and Balayage Color Collections)

*One day rental consists of 24 hours. If the customer requires shipment, there will be an additional $20 one time fee. This includes both the shipment to and the return label. There will be a $100/per day late fee if the extensions are not returned as outlined in the signed contract. ASPY will require a credit card to keep on your file in case late fees have to be charged.* 

We guarantee luxury quality extensions with every rental to ensure your style is flawless.

The extension go through an extension washing, deep treatment and sanitization process after each rental.