Defective Product Claim


Any application of hair color, toners, purple shampoos, or chemical treatments on ASPY Hair Extensions will prohibit defective product requests. 

Any other product alteration or using a non-ASPY Hair Extensions product or accessory (e.g., not using ASPY Hair Extensions Weave Bye Bond Remover, Re-Tape Tabs, ASPY extension brush, ASPY Mend + Extend shampoo and conditioner) will prohibit defective product requests.

For any defective product request, you must return at least 50% of the hair for inspection within 30 days of purchasing your product in store or receiving your product in the mail if your purchase was made online. A receipt for your product must be submitted. The hair will be inspected and evaluated to determine if it was a factory defect or misuse of the product by the user. ASPY Hair Extensions will contact you within 30 days of the claim date to update you on your file.

To be eligible for our hair concern claims, you must have purchased our products directly from or at the ASPY Retail Store located at 653 Topsail Road in St. John's, NL, Canada. Any product that was purchased elsewhere will prohibit defective product requests. 

Have a concern with your hair purchase? Please follow the instructions below:

Defective Product Claims Procedure:

1) Customer sends an email to stating:

Customer's Name
Invoice Date and Number
 OR Photo of Receipt
Brief Description of Issue

2) After we review the email, we will authorize you to return at least 50% of the defective hair for inspection, if necessary. 

3) We evaluate hair sample and will contact you with an update within 30 days.